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Wharfedale W45 Question

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Found some Wharfedale W45 on CL for $30.00, a 90 min drive from my house. Seller's post says one mid driver is not working. Pics look good. Are they worth the effort? 




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Wharfedale made some good speakers. I'm not familiar with the 45s but why not? Since this forum focuses on New England speakers and the Wharfedaies are from "Olde England" you may find more information over on AudioKarma.

Depending on how much you're into DIY these could be fun project speakers. Looks like the cabinets and woofers are good. You may be able to find Wharfedale or BIC mids on ebay, or maybe check out a DIY forum like this and build your own http://techtalk.parts-express.com/forum/tech-talk-forum/page2

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