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PPI of the foam in AR9LS/LSI bass chamber


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I have never found an answer to that question.

I replaced the foam in my 9Lsi's base chamber about 10 years ago.  The porosity of the foam that I used is definitely not fine - probably close to 30 PPI.  I feel that my speakers' base response is deep and clean, so I think that I guessed correctly.

If you are interested, Vintage-AR (eBay) sells a foam chamber precut kit for a rather pricey $100.  I don't know, however, if their foam is any closer to the original AR spec then what I used.

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Mine was also too soft to get any useable info from.  I got my foam cut at a local foam shop.  For $60 I got 3 different weights.  They are a tight fit so I didn’t glue them in.  I’ve been testing the 3 different density sets and I can hear no noticeable difference.

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Vintage AR, via ebay, sells a pre-cut foam kit.




DIY types often buy Sonic Barrier foam from Parts Express, and cut their own kit.


There's 3 different thicknesses to choose from.  Use what's appropriate.



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