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AR-7 speakers

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Hi Zoe

Just to clarify--you're talking about original AR-7 bookshelf speakers, not the later towers, correct? A lot depends on condition. If you look at "sold" items on ebay, a pair of nice ones with re-foamed woofers went for $250. Those had the "walnut grained" vinyl but they were in nice shape. That was a high price IMHO but you never know. A less nice pair with deteriorated surrounds and an open seam went for $150. Another pair with more beat-up vinyl went for $40 and another for $36. So prices are all over the map. Most were covered in vinyl but some were real wood veneer and those are more valuable (in my opinion anyway). The 7s are nice little speakers that have gotten more respect lately.

My suggestion is to take some pictures, including with grilles off. Describe and photograph any flaws. Resize your pictures to about 100 KB or so and put an ad in our For Sale/Wanted section (it's free). Include your location because shipping speakers is a PITA. 


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