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AR-4x torn tweeter repair

Lucky Pierre

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What is the best way to repair a small tear in the tweeter?  Should I try to separate the entire tweeter from the baffle and repair from behind using a paper coffee filter?  Or could I glue it from the front using a small hook out made out of a thin straight needle and go in from the front to hold the cone in place while glue dries?





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That tweeter has a fully closed backside, so unless you completely disassemble the entire driver, you'll be unable to reach the back of the cone for patching repairs. Travel at your own risk. :ph34r: You'd be much better off trying to conduct any repair from the frontside, but most likely any patch will be obvious and visible. Coffee filters work very well for larger cones with thicker paper that require patches with strength, but these tweeter cones move so little that a thinner paper might do the trick and become less visibly obvious. That tear is certainly a bit unfortunate, but does it result in noticeable or diminished sound quality? 

AR-4x tweeter innards.jpg

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Thanks Robert.

I don't know how they sound yet.  I have not hooked them up.

Maybe rolling papers instead of coffee filter paper?  If I go that route, should I just span the tear and glue from the front?  I think I can carefully brush glue on and around the tear and work from the "short" side of the tear to the "long" side and have most of the cone adhere to the patch.  Or, should I glue the patch up to the long side of the tear, let that set, then glue the patch across the long tear?  Does that make sense?

Or should I just not worry about it and sell them to my brother when the rest of the resto is done?


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Kent's idea sounds good. Maybe use a bit of tape to pull out that dent, then just make the patch sufficient to span the rip and mask it with a little thin dye or touch-up paint. That's about all you can do, methinks. Make sure the tweeter is working first, though, before you go through with repair efforts. 

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