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Rare beast needs help, AR-5 European Version?


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Hello again, just 13 years are gone by since my last topic  ☺️ in March 2006 I showed some pics of my still favourised AR-3 improved. Last year I got the chance to  get my hands on an unrestored pair of AR-5, advertised in Germanys „Ebay-Kleinanzeigen“, a kind of Neighbourhood fleamarket. The Neighbour in this case lived  in Frankfurt, I still stay half an hour northwest from Hamburg... so just a 500 Kilometers between us to catch them...

The overall condition is... used ... is a more friendly word, but at the end nearly complete and never opened before. The rotten foam surrounds is nowadays a quite easy job for do it yourself, so it was quickly done. As the next step I tried to clean the pots (Pollak- Boston-Mass.) which workes easy if you have the hands of a snake charmer. I used Sandpapier number 6.000 and ballbearing grease, they are now realy smooth to turn and without dropouts.

What is missing?  I need one  of these black  knobs for easy turning the pots, just as the picture below.

This is the smallest problem... also missing is one brass plate AR-5 from the front...










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Sorry, but I have problems with editing the pictures in correct form and exact wanted place...

Here are some Details, just to take a look... Front wired Middome by AR-5 against backwired by the AR3a-improved, see the small frame in front.




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