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To sell or not to sell


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I have 2 pairs of es-250's have had them for years they need the surrounds replaced they are some nice looking speakers but weigh a ton at 55 pounds a piece is it hard to replace the surrounds is it worth doing is there a resale market for the epi speakers see alot of the 100's for sale but not very many 250's what sort of value is there in them thanks in advance for your input..

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Welcome David

The EPIs are nice speakers but not as well known as AR, which gets the most attention around here. 

Huw Powell (Human Speakers) is the EPI authority. Here's his page on the 250s: http://www.humanspeakers.com/e/epi250.htm

I've never done the surrounds on these speakers but assume they're no different from any other woofers so no--not difficult at all. I don't know if Huw sells re-foam kits. He will re-foam the woofers for you. Ebay seller looneytune2001 sells kits and has a very good reputation. Bill LeGall of Madisound is an expert at speaker repair. If you decide to re-foam them yourself, you can get advice here. Kits run about $20 for 2 woofer surrounds. From my own perspective I would strongly recommend a kit with white water-based glue. It's much more forgiving than the solvent-based gooey stuff.

Value? Impossible to say but in terms of what you could get for them, especially in need of surrounds, probably not much. Big speakers have fallen out of fashion. But if you find an Epicure/EPI fan in your neighborhood, maybe you could make a sale. I'm guessing the 2 pair that are on ebay right now with local pickup in Cleveland are yours. Nice speakers and if some vintage speaker enthusiast scores them for the starting bid of $300 I'm sure he'll get more than $300 worth of enjoyment from them.

We tend to focus in this forum on fixing up vintage speakers and enjoying them, so this isn't a good place to ask about value. If you do decide to sell them you can place a free ad in the "For Sale/Wanted" section. Huw addresses "what are they worth?" here: http://www.humanspeakers.com/faq.htm#worth


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