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My "New" AR-4X


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I posted on the For Sale/Wanted section looking for a single AR-4.  JKent send me a lead for a single AR-4X and I ended up buying it, thank you very much Kent!

I wanted the AR-4 to use for a Center in a 5.0 system.  I use AR-5's for the front, AR-308HO's for the surrounds and was using a NHT center.  I was not happy with the NHT, so I wanted to see if I would be happier with an AR-4, so far I am.

Below are some pictures of the AR-4X.  The tweeter is dated August 1971 and the woofer also has a 1971 date.  The speaker is in very nice shape, both the cabinet and the speakers.  I did not remove the stuffing to look at the crossover.







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Wow, what a beauty - - that looks like a showroom specimen that emerged from a time capsule. Also, it is nearly identical to the pair I bought (s/n 383XXX, c. 1971) when I was a teenager - - my woofers date from eight weeks later. When I re-doped the woofer surrounds with Roy's clear goop , they turned black just like shown in your pic. Congrats on the 4x find - - - sounds like a fine set-up.


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Yes, I thought it almost looked too good to be true:)  That is one of the main reasons I even removed the drivers to see if they were likely originals.  If the seller had it's twin, I think I would buy it even though I do not need it now.

When I opened the box and my wife saw it, she said wow it is a "mini-me" in reference to the AR-5's.

It sounds great:)

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