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AR The Turntable


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HI People. I am happy to become a new member of this group. I feel completely out of my depth.

I have for a long time wanted to return to playing vinyl and today on a whim I have taken the plunge and  purchased (E bay) a AR Turntable.

This is the first piece of equipment i have bought. I cannot stress to you how new I am to all of this , I just want to get some decent sounds and I am by no stretch of the imagination  as   audio  tech as you guys. I have a couple of questions. I will of course need an amp, I have no idea which would be a good choice. I am really not looking for anything out of this world, so if any of you have any good suggestions I would seriously welcome your advice. I do not want to spend a fortune. I assume I need an integrated amp ?

Then I will also need some decent sounding speakers, I am only going to be listening to vinyl in my  small lounge. I have had a look at some vintage  AR speakers .

The AR turntable I have bought might have an old k9 Linn cartridge,  the seller said it may have a Linn arm or Jelco. I cant be more specific because it seems he does not know either.

I am thinking maybe speakers  A-6 (AR) might be ok ?

I do not have  a massive budget and am purchasing within UK.


I really hope someone here can help me  with my questions, I would be very appreciative of even the faintest clue of what to match with my new (to me) turntable.







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Welcome Michelle

If you buy a new amp yes--you need an integrated but make sure it has a PHONO input. Many modern amps do not. If you get a great deal on an amp that lacks a phono section, you could add a separate phono preamp. Prices range from cheap to astronomical but you could get something decent for $50 to $100 USD.

Vintage amps and receivers are nice but if you get one be sure to have a qualified technician check it out.

Of course this is primarily an AR forum so yes! AR speakers would be good. AR-6 as you mentioned, 4x, 7, 2ax. There are others.

Given the year of your TT ('84-'87), maybe you'd also want to consider later AR speakers. Check out our Library: http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/library/acoustic_research/    "Post Classic" or "Connoisseur" series speakers would be a nice pairing with The Turntable.

Please post pictures of your turntable and cartridge. I think we'd be interested in that tonearm. "The Turntable" is from 1984-87 and had a modern tonearm (compared to the original AR XA turntable). Maybe the seller was speculating about the design of the arm or maybe the arm was replaced. "The Turntable" is really nice. Similar to the ES-1.

Based on my reading the Linn K9 was basically a re-branded Audio Technica AT-95E, so if the stylus needs replacing you could use an AT-95E stylus in your K9 (but I have no expertise in this area).

Lots of choices.


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Hi Kent, 

Thank you for taking the time to reply.I feel I need to learn a lot so it is kind of you to share knowledge.

I will look at speakers as you suggest and thankyou for the link.

Here are some pics of the TT.

You was interested to see the arm

Looks like it needs a good clean

It is in the post.

Hope I have bought something half decent ? 

Having written the above I now find I cant figure out how to get the pics attached.I was hoping to upload here straight from my gallery.

I will keep trying.



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Try resizing your photos to about 100kb. Then look at the bottom of the Reply box and it says "Drag files here to attach, or choose files..." 

Actually, I did a little poking around in ebay UK and found your purchase. The table's a beauty. Ebay photo attached. I'm sure that's the stock AR tonearm--not a Linn or Jelco. Notice the "AR" on the pivot. You can also compare it to this photo: https://vinylnirvana.com/ar-turntable-resources/ar-models/ar-the-turntable

You can find an Owner's Manual, brochure and some reviews here: https://www.vinylengine.com/library/acoustic-research/the-ar-turntable.shtml  You have to register but it's free.

If you have specific things you are looking for you could start a new thread in the For Sale/Wanted section with a heading such as "Wanted: AR speakers in UK". We do have some members on your side of the pond ;)

The Turntable.jpg

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Well thankyou so much.I am thrilled that you have given me the thumbs up on my purchase.

I am looking at the speakers I have already mentioned to you.I just want the seller to confirm to me that they are good to go.

No reply so far.

I have visited this site a few times today in a quest to  try and understand a few of the different terminologies used and get some inkling of why  you folk here are such AR enthusiasts

I will keep looking for the right amp.

Thanks again Kent




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