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That would be my guess. But it suggests you may not have a crossover wired up,
and running straight amp power to the tweeter could blow it. My suggestion is to
remove at least the woofer and follow the wiring to see what's up.

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Maybe post a picture. I know absolutely nothing about those speakers but if they have separate posts for all 3 drivers, maybe they had an external crossover?

Oh. While I was looking around the net I see dxho suggested the same thing.

This page has instructions for the RS-506 but I couldn't open them http://www.audiophool.com/MadeInRoch.html

This page shows recapping the internal xo on some 406s, so I dunno http://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/recapping-a-stromberg-carlson-model-rs-406-crossover.668793/

Best advice was dxho's to take a look inside.

And welcome to CSP.


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