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Acoustic research mst replicas

Robert young

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Hi everyone 

i hope someone can help me

i’m building a pair of replica acoustic research mst,these speakers hold very fond memories for me,my father owned a pair,coupled with a rotel ra1210 amplifiers I remember how fantastic they sounded as a child,and are the reason I am a hifi nut,I recently bought the same amp!.i have  the original woofers for these speakers,I am making the crossovers.

unfortunatly the Roy Alison tweeters are pretty much impossible to source,can anyone recommend a modern tweeter that could be used in these  speakers ?

Any advice would be awesome ? 

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1 hour ago, Robert young said:

...unfortunately the Roy Alison tweeters are pretty much impossible to source....

Hello, Robert, and welcome to this forum.

I am not a terribly active buyer or seller, but I would tend to disagree with your statement above - - - I think that original AR 1-1/4" tweeters can be found on the used market fairly frequently. The primary difficulty in the case of your intended project is the shear number of tweeters required, regardless of whether you opt to replicate the 3-tweeter or 4-tweeter version of the MST model. Also, these various tweeters came with two sized of magnets which I presume may have resulted in different sensitivities, and this may further complicate your search.

These cabinets will not be simple to construct - - - have you got sufficient dimensions? I have one MST cabinet on hand and am able to assist if you need further information.   

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I will be posting pictures of my build at various stages of the project I’m sure I will get some interesting and knowledgeable suggestions from you all,at the moment I’m trying to get all the bits I need 

i have decided to make my replicas exactly the same internally,with a sleek modern look to the exterior.

thanks to you all for the suggestions so far ?


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