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KLH17 Success! Thank You!


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Thank you so much for your valuable advice in the successful restoration of my college (c.1974) KLH17 speakers.

Special thanks to go @JKent, who was extremely responsive and patient. 

This began as a simple project to combine a castoff receiver from the household with my speakers, which had been in storage for 25 years, to use in my model railroad room. A little research, however, revealed the importance of replacing the capacitors on speakers that old. I didn't know my speakers had capacitors before this project, and I'd never worked with a crossover. But I took everyone's advice and decided to go for the capacitors. The hardest part was figuring out what to order, and you helped.

Then it was discovered that the tweeters were both bad. Too much "Stairway To Heaven" in college, I suppose. So I replaced those with original KLH tweeters because @JKent explained why I should do that instead of generics.

Along the way, I learned that I should apply fresh speaker sealant to the surrounds, so I ordered @RoyC's special sauce and applied that. The speaker gaskets were in excellent condition, so I reused them.

I replaced the grill covers (one of the originals was torn). I still have the medallions, and I restored those. Finally, I treated the cabinets with teak oil (because that's what I have on hand).

Oh, and along the way, I ditched the castoff receiver and bought a little mini-amplifier from PartsExpress just because my project had become worthy. It's awesome.

I couldn't be more pleased with the final result. Here's a photo of one. They're somewhat separated in a crowded room, so it's hard to get them in a photo together.


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