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3D Printer For Mods

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One member asked about which 3D printer I have, it is the Creality Ender 3.

This is hands down the best bargain but it is essentially a kit with a 1-2 hour build

time.  I see it as an advantage since I'll learn how to make a few adjustments.

I had some trouble finding it for $200 shipped even with Amazon Prime, but then
tried ebay and Creality-Direct has it listed for $204.99 shipped but will take an offer
for $200.  It has a high build volume and excellent print quality once tuned up.
I was tempted to buy the Creality CR-10 for $400 but mostly it is essentially the
same with a bigger build volume.


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I followed this build video and it went quite smoothly, it is now printing a test:

Also followed his other video on how to level the bed.


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Here is an interesting video on baking the PLA part for more strength, any chemists here 

who might comment on the validity of this for ordinary PLA?


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This printer comes with a test dog to print, it did fine for the first 80% but became

stringy for the last 20% which indicated under feeding.  There is a known issue

with the feed tube pulling out or not being fully seated.  This guy shows how to

fix it and suggests about $3 worth of upgrade parts but I'm pretty sure mine already

has them:   I fixed it without any new parts.




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It has been working great without any further issues.

Here is the plate that I designed.  I've printed 3 of these and they all came out just fine:


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The YouTube person who complained about stringing got a lot of comments from other users

who pointed out that one free "slicer" program works best with the Ender printers and that's 

what I use.  No problems with stringing at all.


I began to have trouble with the first layer sticking to the bed after about 50 prints.  The Ender 

printers have a unique sandpaper like finish on the print bed, other people print on a smooth

surface, some even use glass for flatness.  One of the first things you'll learn when printing on

smooth beds is that you need to help the first layer stick, many use glue stick, some use hair

spray.  I did not need anything for the first 50 prints or so and I've come to the conclusion that

some of the rough surface has worn off so now I use glue stick and it works perfectly again.

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