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Aging capacitors and effect/damage to tweeters


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So I bought a new multi-meter and decided to check the resistance of all the drivers on my AR18. So far so good. All drivers (woofers and tweeters) showed a good 5 ohms. While I was at it I also checked the capacitors I replaced. Still good there. showed about 6uF.  On a hunch, I checked the older capacitors which were still in the cabinet. While one showed 7uF the other showed a insane 18.5 uF. Now using the calculator  http://www.carstereo.com/help/Articles.cfm?id=1 , I figured the hi pass as intended by the company would be 5300hz. But with the wonky capactor it would be 1766hz. Would that have damaged the tweeter in the past? Sorry for such a noob question!


Here is the older thread on rebuilding them



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On this subject, I am restoring a pair of AR-3s, and took readings from the original 6uf / 24 uf wax block  capacitor. The capacitor drifted after 55 years, the tweeter was seeing 13.6 uf, and the midrange was seeing 73.6 uf. I had a similar question that the tweeter was getting a bit more than spec’d.


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On 1/27/2019 at 4:17 AM, DavidR said:

Do you know the frequency your multi meter uses to test the caps?

For an accurate reading on NPE you want 1kHz signal.

Im using this multimeter


I am assuming it uses 1khz because all the other capacitors measured fine. ?

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