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AR9 review with measurements

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Risposta in frequenza sull'asse =  (Anechoic )  On-Axis Frequency Response . 

Risposta in frequenza in ambiente  = Room Response 

Modulo dell'impedenza = Impedance 

Argomento dell'impedenza = Phase

Dispersione orizzontale = Polar Responses (horizontal dispersion)

Risposta ai transienti = Tone Bursts 

Distorsione di terza armonica = Third harmonic distortion

Distorsione di seconda armonica = Second harmonic distortion

Livello a 1 metro, - 2,83V - rumore rosa = SPL @ 1 m with Pink Noise (2.83 Volt)

As regards impedance and phase the AR9 is generally considered a difficult load: this is not true. According to the engineers' (Renato Giussani and others) measurements and comments, the impedance  minimum is about 4 Ohm and particularly from 100 to 1000 Hz impedance is around/above 5 Ohm. Most important the phase only ranges from about +25° to - 25°.  For all these reasons they conclude: "the AR9's are definitely an easy load for most amplifiers". 


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