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Peekskill, NY blue-mountain-lodge-audio-fest-saturday-May 18th-september-14th-2019.851987/


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Hey all!

I want to let you all know about this AK gathering. Kent, who attended the last event, and several others had suggested I post this here as well so more of us audio heads on CSP would be aware of the gathering. Letting you know about it now gives plenty of time to put the dates on your calendars. These two dates will be the 3rd and 4th gatherings at the lodge. There's plenty of space for sales and demo setups. The location is pretty easy to get to, the building and surrounding Blue Mountain reservation park land is beautiful. For the first time at the last event, we extended the rental so we could have a dance party that evening. We had a great time with about 22 or so. 

There is a kitchen with a large fridge, so no problem to keep your beveredge of choice cold, and of course, feel free to bring food and snacks if you like. Admission is 20.00, and this covers the rental cost for the day and ordering in pizzas. If you, decide to stay and dance the night away, that's an additional 10.00 to cover the extended night rental fee that I've already paid to secure the dates. There is a parking fee, for the day because it's a state park.

I'll start a for sale thread about 6 weeks prior to the event.

Cheers and hope to see you then.



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Hey gents! 

This got burried, and figured in bump it back up.

The upcoming Lodge meet in Peekskill NY, on the 14th is looking good. There will be some fantastic systems being demoed, including a restored pair of KLH Nines!

Hopefully some of you can make it and hope to see you then!

Cheers, Glenn


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Aadams, Glenn is much more active on the AK site than he is here, so I'm just helping out by providing a link to his other thread for others to read-listen about the recent gathering - - - a whole lot of very nice gear and music.  


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On September 18, 2019 at 10:04 AM, Aadams said:

So how did this go.  What systems were there?



Hey Adams!

Terrific day! Good turnout, great people and systems to listen to!

Thanks Robert for posting the AK link! Connor put together a nice video and I posted a couple as well!

Cheers, Glenn

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