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Question: ADS parts availability 2019


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I am considering the small ADS dual dome 3 ways  from the late 70s to the 90s with 8 inch or smaller woofer.   Anything like a 710 or 810.  My question is what is the status of the ADS parts market ?  Is the availability as good as AR or is it more like a needle in a haystack.  I have almost zero ADS knowledge beyond brand awareness and a connection with Braun.


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Parts are readily available, either on fleabay, or Richard So. Richard repairs or rebuilds virtually every driver and crossover. He use to work at ADS, and bought up all their parts inventory when they were closing their doors. I sent Richard my mids and tweeters from my 910's for rebuilding, and they are basically brand new drivers, good for another 30 plus years.

Theres plenty of testimonials regarding Richards top quality work, so you have no worries buying any ADS speaker.


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