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AR94s in the house!


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I was home for the holidays and dad showed me his latest find. A pair of not so well kept AR94ER . The speaker appear to be intact except for the tweeter which has been replaced along with the capacitor which is now 3.5μF. I have a pair of spare tweeter for a AR18 project and a few 6μF capacitors to start experimenting with. Now I am wondering if the rest of the drivers are intact as I think they are. Please give me your suggestions.

1. Full speaker. Someone decided to give it a go with a silver paint can.

2.Closeup of surround and woofer material. (is this the original?)

3.Middle driver - speaker A

4.Middle driver - inside (surround seems to be stuck from behind, I though it was supposed to be from the front?)

5.Lower driver - speaker A

6.Crossover -speaker A

7.Middle driver - speaker B

8.Lower driver - speaker B

9.Crossover -speaker B

10. Tweeter ( dont know what tweeter this is )

Now if I get the original tweeters for this is it worth the time and money? I can have my neighborhood carpenter sand and spray the cabinets black again. Replace the tweeter and capacitor. But are the woofer and the materials clean enough? The plastic top and bottom are fine and intact. Cloth is reasonably good , but could use a wash.

Dad uses a TSW 510 right now. Even though they are a bit bright, they work well with his ears. How do these speakers fair against the TSW. I use AR18s and love them to bits. Would these sound closer to the 18s?















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The tweeter does not look like an AR tweeter. The 8" drivers are old style AR - must be very early 94's. Usually you find Tonegen drivers. The foam should be attached to the face of the cone not the rear. The tweeter cap should be a 4uF. One resistor looks cooked.

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@DavidR thanks for the reply. I have a pair of AR18 tweeters . I will replace the tweeters with along with a 4uF capacitors.  The resistors too will be changed. Im only worried about the effect the surrounds might have. Who ever did it seemed to have done a good job. But do the dust caps look authentic?

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I enjoyed reading this post admiring your expertise.

I have a very simple question about these speakers.

I inherited the pair of speakers from my father and am very fond of them. However, the space I have available is very limited.

Do you think I could place the Yamaha HS8 I use for audio editing and production on top of these speakers, or could I ruin them? They weigh approximately 22.5 lb (10.2 kg) each.

Thanks for any feedback!

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