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Back-Issue Magazine Archive Update


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I was pleased to see that the American Radio History website has added nearly the complete run of High Fidelity (1951-1989) and Stereo Review (1958-1999) magazines, as well as filling in many of the Audio magazine issues that they'd been missing (1947-2000), including a few of the Annual Equipment Guides.


To the best of my knowledge, Stereo Review has never been available to any real extent, with just a few issues popping up here and there - this is a huge amount of content! Combined with the most recently-added post-'60s issues of High Fidelity, virtually the entire advertising and product test history of Acoustic Research - as well as just about any hi-fi manufacturer one could name - will now be available for download.

Three cheers for American Radio History ! ^_^


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Thanks to ar_pro for the nice mention.

If any member of the group has scans or printed material of relevance that they would like to contribute, please contact me at david@americanradiohistory.com. I'd love to help you share your publications! (Active titles and protected copyrights are observed)

I keep building a deeper and better rabbit hole!

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