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Allison replacement drivers from Kentucky

Allison Fan

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Allison stopped producing the old style mids and tweets in the late eighties as they were replaced with the plastic bezels and protective screens while selling out the old style inventory.

However, the mechanical spec. Including power handling did not change.

The exception could be some of those woofers that were outsourced after 2000. 



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4 hours ago, Allison Fan said:


4 hours ago, Allison Fan said:

“I don't see any "outsourcing", unless you mean that Allison no longer built anything in house“ 

The woofers supplied to the new company from Eminence. That was the outsourcing.

The Allison tweeter and the Allison midrange were built by the the company unti the very end of things.

David Faulkner is a very nice fellow and master financier, 

However, Roy Allison was always....and uniquely, the “Mastermind”.





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22 hours ago, Allison Fan said:

‘The truth is that my comment about being the "Mastermind" of the re-issuance of the Allison speaker brand was a slight against Faulkner, in a way. He didn't succeed in revitalizing the brand, so he masterminded the failure of the comeback.”

Jesus, the poor guy had a heart attack later on when it was all over. 

You would be mistaken to blame him, (or anyone else for that matter). 

The reality was, the demand for the original lineup of those models One, right up thru the 9 had diminished. The dealers just flat out didn’t want them anymore vs. the newer speakers being marketed.

By the way, Allison tried the 5000.00 market 13 years BEFORE Faulkner gave it another shot with the IC-20. 1987.

And like the newly re-invented A1, It also was a failure in the marketplace despite being the most magnificent piece of hardware ever to come from the original plant.


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