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Can I connect a KLH 20 turntable to vintage Wharfedale w 60 c speakers? And if so, how?


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Hi All, 

I'm brand new to this forum and I like look/sound/vibe of vintage stereos but I know nothing, nada, zilch about them.   I recently bought a KLH turntable that is in excellent condition, but they came without their speakers.  On another shopping trip I found a gorgeous pair of vintage Wharfedale W 60 c speakers.  So I have a few questions (go easy on me I am 100% a novice here)"

1.  Can I use these two together?  

2.If so,  lets move onto the next question:  I tried RCA style connections in the back of the turntable  and they seem to fit.  So I'm assuming that I'll need an RCA connection on one end, and then strip the wire at the other end of the connection to attach it to the Wharfedales?   

3.  It appears as if there's only room for one set of RCA connections.  Does it matter if the Red goes in the left or the right?
4.  I *think* this is the wire I need?  Right?  

5.  Since there is only room for 1 of these sets on the back of the turntable, do I split the unit into two distinct wires (the red side and the white side), then strip the ends of each of the two to reveal the underlying wire. and then split the bundles of wires to wrap around the red/black posts on back of each of the speakers?

Any help you all could provide would be very much appreciated.  I really didn't realize as I started finding these components  that I'd be so incredibly confused.


Thanks in advance!




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Welcome Erika

To answer:

1. Yes, probably 

2. Yes

3. Usually red is right but no it’s not   etched in stone 

4. OK but you can get speaker wires with RCA plug on one end and stripped bare or tinned wires on the other end. Monoprice is a good source 

5. Yes. The center pin is + or hot or red.

Good luck with those. Hope the turntable and amp work. Looks like you have a Model Twenty there


PS: No need to ask the same question in 3 threads. That just confuses things 

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