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Black Friday Road Trip Yields Bargain AR 90's


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Saw these on CL Metro Detroit for 2 weeks with no takers and the price kept going down. They really  didn't look that bad. After talking with the seller I made a offer and he accepted. Made the 4 1/2 hour trip Friday morning and actually got to listen to them. Today it was almost 60 here and I finally unloaded them to take a closer look.



All the drivers appear to be correct. They even have the foam inserts in tack. All six surrounds are in great shape. They definitely are dirty and there is lots of dog hair.



The veneer is in fairly good shape and will require sanding and a new finish. All six grills will need recovered. Not sure about the crossovers, but I bet they are original.


Pulled out a Scott 480A amp, set it to 4 ohm mode (130 watts per), plugged in a Logitech bluetooth adapter and started streaming the Who's Baba O'Riley from my iPhone. For just setting on plywood in my driveway these AR 9 little brothers sound fantastic. They can play really loud. The neighbor came over and I started to apologize, but he said "Man those things sound good"  Checked all the drivers with my trusty paper towel tube and everything outputs fine. Was apprehensive about making such a long drive, but now I am glad I did.  Will be working on these this winter and eventually comparing them with my 9's and 91's.


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19 minutes ago, DavidR said:

git 'er done

I'm working up to a slow crawl...!  :o

Seriously, I do want to get my 90's finished soon.  Hopefully, this weekend, I'll get a chance to run by Lowes.  I need some painting supplies.  While there, I need to find a small pry-bar.  Something to help pop out the old crossover boards.  One came out easily.  The other must be petrified!


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