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AR-303 Woofer specs

Guest Pointwhere

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Guest Pointwhere

Does anyone have the T/S parameters for the woofer that comes in the AR-303? Also, manufacturer and model of this woofer would be helpful if available. Thanks,

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Hi. I'm working from memory here, but I think these numbers will be close:

Fs = 20 Hz.

Qts = 0.35.

Vas = 75 liters.

Re = 2.6 Ohms.

The woofer was manufactured by Foster, in a Japanese plant that is no longer operational. It was a custom OEM item, and so there is no catalog part #.

Hope this helps!

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Guest Pointwhere

Is there any way to do measurements and determine these values exactly? I plan to use 303 drivers for a diy project, and would like to know so I can design the enclosure appropriately. Thanks,

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Hi. Of course, it is possible to test any woofer to determine its exact parameters. If you are asking me to test one, I could do that, but not for several weeks. Pretty busy at the moment.

If you are serious enough about the cabinet to want more exact numbers than I provided, you probably should plan on testing the exact units you plan to build with. There are several books, and many websites that can instruct you concerning the procedure. For example:


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Well I was able to measure one in recent days. I was hoping to compare this data to a series of posts that make reference to DUT1-7 where DUT1 was a 303 woofer but I could not find the complete data set. Anyway, here is what the WT3 had to say about this woofer.

AR part number 2-11-0001-1

* This data was exported from the Dayton Audio WT3 Woofer Tester

* Free Air

* Manufacturer: AR

* Model: 303

* Piston Diameter = 24.76 mm

* f(s)= 24.22 Hz

* R(e)= 2.67 Ohms

* Z(max)= 25.59 Ohms

* Q(ms)= 4.732

* Q(es)= 0.552

* Q(ts)= 0.494

* V(as)= 145.0 liters

* L(e)= 1.13 mH

I also did a series where i removed the stuffing put it back in and attached the crossover to show the effects of each. Enjoy.



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