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Boston Acoustics


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Done! This has some up quite a few times, so due to popular demand there is now a Boston Acoustics forum. I have not created a corresponding Library area however, due to a lack of BA information. Also, it may be redundant if BA has "classic" literature online? If someone more knowledgable about this could get back to me I would appreciate it.


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Who are you calling a peccator?.......... LOL

I just today acquired 3pairs of Boston Acoustics. 2 pair of A-100's and 1 pair of A70's.

The 70's need re foaming. I took them out to send them out and find that they have different woofers. Both baskets are identical but the magnet assemblies are different. Also one is vented through a hole in the back of the magnet assembly. The other is notand has a porous dome making it front vented. The serial numbers are only 4 digits different and they look like original woofers...ie don't look like they've been out before looking at the screws. Unfortunately I don't know which woofer came out of which serial # because I didn't notice they were different till they were both out. I will not be an archaelogist or historian anytime soon!!!

I'll try to do pics tomorrow. I'm concerned that they will sound different. Will advise when they are refoamed.

The A-100's look to be an erly series because they have round basket dome tweeters whereas the brochure I have shows rectangular assmblies for the tweeters. Also the cabinets do not have the 2 1/2" pedestal base shown in the brochure and the cab bottoms don't have screw holes or glue remnants to indiscate there ever were bases.

I'll do pics tomorrow.. its too late now.

Appreciate input from anyone knowledgeable in these models.

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I picked up a pair of A-40s last year (actually bought them for the stands that came with them). I inspected one and saw the foam was shot, so I didn't look at the other one until my surrounds arrived.

They turned out to be two different model A-40s! One was a Series II, and the other one was a Series II AV (magnetically shielded magnet on the woofer).

I took off the shielding, and the magnet is shaped a little differently, but they sound close enough to the same that I haven't given it a second thought.

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I've not seen any "classic" literature on the BA site, just some very basic spec info for discontinued product.

Bob has posted so much great stuff (and I'll convert the multi-page brochures into more easily readable pdf files), I think a Library Shelf for BA would be a nice feature.

THANKS (yes, I'm yelling) for all the great work on this site!

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A-100's series 1 has screw binding posts no stand and circular tweeter and not as robust woffer and also has inferior wireing. A-100 series 2 has clip terminals rectangle tweeter and a stand good woffer

im sure you have series 1

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