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Cloth Surround maintenance


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I know this is at best a dead horse topic but I need advice on the maintenance of the cloth surrounds on a pair of Wharfedale W-45’s.  They have 10” Wharfedale brand woofers. These are impressive speakers with heavy cast aluminum frames. They were both manufactured in October, of 1970, they are in very good condition. The cloth surrounds are in very good shape, and I want to keep them this way. These are the first speakers I have owned with cloth surrounds. Is there anything I should do to preserve them. Posting this question here as these are rare speakers in Wharfedale’s Achromatic line up in 1970, and they were switched to rubber surrounds by 1972.  There are more AR people with experience in this area. 

I moved away from AR speakers in the early 1970’s when they started using foam surrounds even than this material had an interesting reputation.  

Thanks in Advance!

Wharfedale 10” woofer:



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