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Picked up a pair of AR-2ax (low serial #?), let the fun begin!


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Picked up a pair of AR-2ax for a $100 and they appear to be in great shape.  No sound from the tweeter or mids so I'm going to have to open them up and clean and restore the potentiometers.  This will be  my first time doing this but I've read through the excellent thread stickied at the top of this forum.  The serial numbers on these seem really low, they are 00458 & 00935.  The grill on the 00935 was pretty easy to take off so I've included a picture of it with the grill cover off, the other one is locked up pretty good and there are lots of little staples all over the place.  They are so small my needle nose pliers can't get a grip on them.  I'm going to have to figure something out before I post a photo with the grill off, instead I'll post a picture of the staples I'm dealing with.
Anyway, on to the pictures!
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Got the other grill off, it is a different style.  The cloth came right off and grill itself was very thin and slid in the top and bottom. It had to be gently bent to remove it.  There was so many staples, they really didn't want you getting into these things very easily.


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2 minutes ago, lakecat said:

Congrats....those are very low serial numbers and a converted 2a cabinet. A nut picker will get under those staples and the curve of it will lift them enough for the needle nose. Good luck!

Thanks, that would  have been easier.  I used a tiny screwdriver to get underneath and then I carefully lifted them enough to pull them out.


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