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TSW series one-offs?


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So, I got a second set of what I think are TSW series speakers.  They look like TSW 810's, except for a crucial difference:  the woofer is not a 10 inch, but rather an eight.  The person I got them from said they were sales demos; they came with only one grille.  The smaller speaker in the third picture is one of two that came from the same person the same way.  Foam surrounds were shot (of course), and I replaced them.  The tweeter was blown on one, so I replaced them both with what I think was close enough.  I could not find the original tweeters. I placed some microphone-case foam around the tweeter; the original was as bad as the foam surrounds on the speakers.  They sound really good.

So, the guy apparently blew the midrange on the one 810, and screwed in a car coaxial speaker(!).  I pulled that out, and so need that speaker (AR K83TF).; I probably should get two of them.  I'll re-foam the other drivers.  Does anybody know where I can get these, or a replacement that matches up?  And, does anyone know anything about the provenance of these speakers?  Thanks!





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Welcome to CSP.

You said you replaced both tweeters. Did the originals have any identifying markings? And what about the other drivers? Any part numbers?

Then there's that other speaker? Any markings inside or out?


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That TSW brochure is the very first one. There were others that followed. There was, in fact, a TSW710 with dual 8-in woofers. There was also a TSW brochure where all the speakers model numbers ended in '15,' not '10.' You probably have TSW710's. The TSW x15's were all dual-woofer units--315, 415, etc. Dual 5 1/4", dual 6 1/2", etc. I think the other speaker is one of those. I'll check to see if I can find that x15 brochure and I'll post pics.

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@ JKent:  Yes, both tweeters had the AR logo on them.  They're similar to the ones in the 710, but the 710's say, "Nitrogen Fired Titanium."   The single custom-crafted grilles that I got for both sets have the "AR Acoustic Research" badge on the grill.  They're ARs.  I mentioned above that the 6 inch mid in the 710s has a number on it (the speakers I re-foamed on the older set had similar markings):  K83TF, with the iconic "AR" logo around the center off the magnet.

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