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AR9 tweeter polarity


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First post here. Had a tweeter go bad on my AR9's. Found a pair of replacements here locally (thanks @drugolf). When I pulled the old tweeters they were wired opposite, but I wired them the same when I replaced. The old and replacement tweeters do not have any markings regarding polarity. How do I figure out polarity or does it matter?



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4 hours ago, Stimpy said:

on the AR9's, all the drivers are wired in phase

Yes, BUT on the AR90 the yellow wire still goes to the POS + terminal. The wiring configuration was different on the tweeter, UMR and LMR in the AR90.  You still follow the AR scheme of the lighter colored wire still goes to the positive driver terminal. ( Its the other end of the wire that is located opposite of the AR9 )

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