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AR Connoisseur rebuild(capacitors)

Rob Irvin

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Hi Rob. This speaker model is far less familiar to most members than the more popular models from the earlier Classic era, but the best way to answer your own question is to look inside your speakers and confirm the original cap values. Additionally, it is possible that more modern capacitors might not even require replacement. Post some pics of the innards if you can.... and what makes you think these caps might need replacement in the first place? 

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Well,I do not know that they need replacing.I just got them in.I usually gather information before actually doing the rebuild.I have two bad mid driver's with burnt up voice coils,

So I was not able to hear them.When and if I sell them,I usually replace all capacitors.I will not sell a piece of equipment,not knowing it is fully up to spec.Most capacitors I have found,have a

20% +/- tolerance.I like to replace them with a 5% to 10% cap.I really love the older,well made pieces,I believe they should be as close,or better than original,when I am finished with them.

I will pull them out,and test them of course,It just save me a little time to already know what I might be knowing,so I can source them before hand.Thanks,Rob

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