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Any Interest in AR-38B?

Pete B

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Edit:  These are 38Bs and not 38S as I first stated,  thanks ra.ra

There are a pair here locally 06611  CT  that look to be in excellent condition other than needing

woofer and midrange foam, and probably a recap.   No dented dust caps. 

Don't see much about this 8" 3-way. 

Stock picture:


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It appears to me that the model you are researching is the AR-38B (not "S"). In that lineup of the early 80's, it falls just below the 58B (12" woofer) and 48B (10" woofer), and I believe uses the same 'dual' mid-tweet assembly found in the larger models. I've never really looked at this model, but now it interests me as it is a rare (and maybe the first from AR?) three-way model with an 8" woofer - - followed years later by the AR-338.

I have both the smaller AR-18B and AR-28B - - which are 8" two-ways - - and I can say that they are both very nice sounding little speakers. The drivers are great and the crossovers are simple. Just my opinion, but the downside is the styling - - - faux vinyl cladding, deadly dark brown grille fabric, and a quarter-round front edge profile. These were built to a strict budget - - cabinet construction is cheap with cheesy spring terminals on the rear. That said, however, I'd jump all over these at the right price.

FYI, the AR-38s is a 10" two-way, as shown in this thread.



AR B series.jpg

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I was given four of the 48b's.  All surrounds needed attention.  So far I got one set up and running and sold to my neighbor for $100.  Two had spring terminals.  Two had 5 way posts.

They sounded good.  But yeah, the finishes used are disappointing for sure compared to the AR's that came before.  Could be cool to pull the vinyl and do a little real wood veneer on these.




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Here is a picture of one of my 38S speakers. Basically the same as the 18S with a 10 in woofer, larger enclosure and a slightly more complex crossover. The common thing here is they both use the same 200038-0 cone tweeter, which to me makes them special.


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