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AR-7 vs ADC 404(a)?


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I currently have a set of (4) ADC 404(a)'s that are amazing little speakers. They apparently have a 45hz bottom end and up to 20khz. I am currently using (4) ADC 404's as a front/rear in the first floor of my home. I can't seem to find specs, but does anyone know how the AR-7 compares to the ADC 404's? I am thinking of swapping the (4) ADC's for an (2)AR-6 and (2)AR-7 combo.  Eventually I'll get to the ultimate (4) AR-3 level, but my budget is not there yet. And I kind of like the research and learning progression along the way too. Thanks. 

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On 9/29/2018 at 10:36 AM, JimEG said:

I can't seem to find specs,

Not sure exactly what you're looking for here..... frequency response range? I don't think I've ever seen published data for the AR-6 and AR-7 similar to your 45-20kHz that you mention for the ADC 404a. This sort of info was published in several of AR's subsequent series of speakers, but the original "classic" series noted crossover frequencies and not upper and lower frequency limits.

From my understanding, both the ADC 404 and 404a used a six-inch woofer, and I think the later 404a switched from a mylar dome tweeter to a paper cone tweeter. Both the AR-6 and AR-7 employ eight-inch woofers with paper cone tweeters. Pairing these two AR models would work very well together, but without having personal experience, I am unable to make comments regarding a set-up with four ADC speakers. 

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