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Xa crossover problem?


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I'm hoping you forum reader/experts can help me. I'm working on a pair of RR Xa's. There is a problem with the crossover in one of the speakers. The tweeter - is not working. However - I tested just the little tweeter itself, and it is fine, and produces sound. However when it's in the cabinet and connected - it makes no sound at all - no matter where I turn the 'Tweeter' pot to: Max or Min. Anyone else ever see this problem? I'm not sure what component in the crossover may be bad or need to be replaced. Any assistance or guidance would be much-appreciated!



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Yes. Check the pot to see if it's actually working. Rectilinear pots were notoriously flimsy compared to AR, et. al. The caps are likely bad as well.  I had to replace both a burned-out pot & dried-out cap to get my Xs going. Check or replace the caps first-it's easier & cheaper. 

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