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Snell K7 - Refinishing body and grills


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I recently acquired a color-mismatched set of Snell K7 standmounts - one in Cherry, one in Black. I couldn't get an explanation from the seller for the mismatch (the serial numbers were matched A and B). Nonetheless, they were in overall good condition for the price paid. Initial testing was very positive, and I may for now match them with a set of Snell QBX 15s.

I would however like to redo the finish on the Black unit, as I much prefer wood-tones. I'm thinking to strip the black paint (don't know what's underneath), and staining it in a tone approaching Cherry. I suppose I could search out a wood finisher and see about getting a new veneer put over it, but with the port and speaker terminals in back the work could be tricky, not to mention cost as much as I spent on the speakers. So any suggestions would be appreciated.

Also of interest is cleaning up the grills, which have unusual discolorations. This was unexpected as aluminum tends not to tarnish. I tried Brasso, Maguir's rubbing compound, and Brillo. Nothing seems to help. Any ideas? Thanks.


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