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Hey I’m a new guy to the forum but I got some CD6’s today and...


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It looks like I need to refoam the 8” drivers... but the tweeters and crossovers appear and sound like they’re working great!  One of the 8” grills is cracked and there’s some water damage to the oak veneer.  I’m trying to decide if I’m going to rebuild these (I’m a NE speaker fan with lots of ADS, AR and Boston Acoustics speakers) or part them out as my current situation really doesn’t involve anymore acoustic suspension speakers and I’m onto the horn loaded speaker kick right now... (I got a lot of Klipsch, Altec, Western Electric and EV vintage stuff and I’m sort of saving to buy some Klipsch Jubilees in the near future.  I don’t know much about Allison Acoustics other than they were a spin-off from AR I think?  I’m in Massachusetts so seeing something other than the Bose name on speakers is always a treat and these needed a rescue.  Any thoughts?  I know I can fix the 8” for fairly cheap... and I might or I might list the tweeters and crossovers on eBay do someone else can use them to fix their bashed up or not working ferro fluid tweeters.  Thanks for your thoughts on this... this forum seems to be the most active area for these boxes. 





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14 minutes ago, npt3 said:

That's a really clean pair of CD6s  (especially with little to no apparent grille damage!)

well one of the woofer grills is broken in half... and there’s some moisture damage to one of the cabinets.  I’m waiting for the new surrounds to get here to really run these things up and then figure out if I want to finish a restoration or part them out.  Either way I think I am probably going to sell them.

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thank you for that link!! I was going to ask my buddy with a 3D printer to make one... that guy seems like he’s already got it setup. I’m 99% certain I’m not going to part them out TBH.  They sound pretty decent even needing new surrounds for the 8”.  Seems like on a frequency sweep they cover pretty ok from 40hz-18khz although i didn’t use an analyzer just my ears.  I also need to figure out how to clean the speaker cones... it’s like they were covered with tar, one of them actually had some feathers on it.  There’s still a ton of dust on them though and I don’t want to repair the surrounds until I can get the cones cleanish.  I’m thinking of using some simple green on a microfiber cloth to clean them.  

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I've been an Allison guy for roughly 40 years. Owned a set of Two's for just a few weeks before they were stolen in shipment. Replaced them with a used set of One's - nice, but too big for my space. I subsequently bought CD-7's and CD-6's. One of the CD-6 speakers, bought via eBay, had what seemed like a faulty tweeter, but wired directly it was good. So it was the crossover. I recapped with an Erse capacitor and the repaired unit was, if anything, better than the other. So after a time I recapped that one as well.

After all this time I'm starting to move away from Allison, but not completely. Sold the One's a few years ago, replacing them with Revel M22 stand-mounts. Sweet! The CD-6 I'm keeping as part of my HT setup. (Big room benefits from those wall reflections.) But the CD-7 may be repurposed. I'm picking up a set of Ohm Walsh 2XO semi-omni's in a few weeks - bases will need to be refinished, but the speaker "cans" are good. Don't care for the pyramidal base though, so the cans will go - at least for testing - atop the CD-7 cabinet. If I like the end result, I'll sell the Allison woofers and top grills, and maybe a few more parts as well (SB Acoustics tweeter and front grills, custom crossovers).

But I clearly still like the neutral bias of New England speakers. I also own a set of Snell QBX 15's and - as of just yesterday - a set of Snell K7's (unfortunately, color-mismatched - see Snell posting).

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I see 2 pairs of Allison Six speakers on Ebay right now - If anyone needs parts!.  From what I understand the woofers and tweeters can be cannibalized for many other models.  

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On 9/27/2018 at 7:37 AM, LesE said:

FYI ... When it comes to refoaming Allison woofers, the filled fillet type surround is generally recommended.


The new surrounds I got off of eBay for my Sixes look good, but when I put them in place for the dry run it seems the inner angle is wrong. The cone sits lower than the surround, and it looks like if I attach these new ones, then it will be pulling the cone up a bit and the cone will be slightly raised from it's original "rest" position. In other words, with no music playing the cone is now a little bit into it's "stroke" already. Has anyone else noticed this during refoaming? Will I lose a little bass if I glue these in? 

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