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VR500 sub problem


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Great sub.  I've got two if these in my HT setup.

Not trashed, just aged.  Happens to all of them at some point, including one of mine.  Foam rubber dries out and separates from the cone.

The magic search term is "refoam." 

Option 1 - buy the materials and DIY (kits for these on eBay and elsewhere, but be careful to get the set for the VR500 specifically (angled inner mount, not flat inner mount).

Option 2 - send it to a professional.  Look locally, or online and send it off for repair and return.

I botched an attempt to fix another speaker once (alignment can be tricky) and would rather pay the money to have it done right.  Also, the treated paper cone on the VR500 is roughly textured, and would be tough to remove the old foam cleanly.  I paid about $35 bucks.  You might be surprised how much better it sounds afterwards.  Tired old foam can make a great sub sound pretty loose.

- Brian

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