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KLH Model 23 Mod


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Just getting started, but here is a pic. As always, ANY info or even criticism is much appreciated...


Some questions that I have so far:

1. Do I need to use solid wire to bridge to the pot? Any wire specs that I need to respect?

2. How sensitive, if at all, are the resistors to soldering iron heat? 







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The best wire for internal speaker wiring is tinned (aka marine grade) 18 AWG stranded. BUT it's not that critical and for those short jumps from the resistors to the switch it's no big deal. For the crossover you can use anything that looks close enough--don't go thinner. I'd use insulated wire to avoid shorting against the aluminum back plate.

Resistors are meant to generate (and therefore tolerate) heat so no, they are not sensitive to soldering iron heat. Be sure to use a pencil type iron, 25 - 40 watts. Don't use a big ol' soldering gun.


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On 9/7/2018 at 3:30 PM, TSJ said:

Greetings. Her's some more pics. this is not in my wheelhouseI, but I'm enjoying it.  slightly melted the Cap with the shank of my iron. Very slight as you can see. Is it anything to be concerned with?





If you have a capacitor tester check it for value. I burnt one the same way and turned it into a resistor lol.

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