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AR 11


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$700 locally. Is that a good price? I'm more familiar with the earlier AR's. Here's a picture of the drivers on one of them. They sellers don't know if the surrounds have been redone. Can anybody take a guess from the picture?








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The tan tweeter and gold emblem indicate 1st generation AR-11's.  The second generation had black tweeters and silver emblems.  The drivers look to be original.  The grills are definitely not original.  

 I think that $700 is a high.  I paid $525 for 2nd generation AR-11's in 2008.  The drivers were all in good shape.  I did refinish the cabinets and eventually replaced the original grills, when I came across ones in better condition.

Also, I would definitely listen to them before you buy.  The 1st generation AR-11 tweeters were not cooled with Ferrofluid and it is not unheard of to find a blown tweeter.

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Thanks. I'm probably going to pass as  I have a pair of KLH Five's that I love, and shortly will acqure an early pair of 3a's. So the 11's are probably not in my future, although they are nice looking and I've heard good things about them. These are in the San Francisco Bay Area where everything is more expensive. 

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One week ago today I was in Chicago at my son's house to see the Cubs-Mets game. Had a few hours to kill before gametime and found these AR 11's on Craigslist. Gave the guy a shoutout and he was home and less than four miles away.  They were early models and had been professionally refoamed a year ago. The drivers appeared correct and the cabinets appeared decent with solid corners all around. Grills were replacements, but quite presentable. He wanted $350.00 which I thought was reasonable. When I laid them on their backs the veneer on one bottom was missing. I went into my fathers spiel about are you was willing to accept a offer and I don't want to insult you with a low ball, but will you take $300.00. He helped me load them in the SUV.  Just brought them from the garage into the house tonight. Tomorrow I will test them for sound, but the seller said they sound excellent.



Already owning a super nice pair of AR11a cabinets and crossovers which I completed with AR 91 woofers, silver covered midranges and 120001-1 tweeters I was aware of some of the differences between the models, but not the different tweeters. If anyone has the model numbers of the two different  tweeters it will save me the research. 


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