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AR-5 store speakers


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So while on my continual hunt for used vinyl I went into this store in Wethersfield, CT, Integrity 'N Music, a store I had last stepped foot into in 1979,  and the first thing I see as I walk in is what looks like an AR cabinet. I ask if these are indeed AR's and he replies they're something called acoustic Research. Okaaaay.  So I ask if I might take the grille off the one by the door and he agrees to let me.

Not being intimately familiar with the whole AR line, they seemed to be 5'ish in size. And sure nuf when I took the grille off there was the AR5 layout. Now it may have been an AR woofer, I can't say for sure, but the midrange looked like the same cone unit as used in the Infinity Quantum speakers- the ones with the eight (?) sided chassis. The tweeter was some dome I also didn't recognize. Not even close to being original, but he didn't know and didn't care. I let him be in his ignorance.

So I didn't find a kindred spirit in terms of AR speakers, but he was happy playing Dexter Gordon as he worked.

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I grew up in central CT. Big jazz lover. Used to go to Integrity 'n Music all the time. Amazed that they're still there. That's nice.

Are you from CT? Bought my first 'good' speakers--AR-2ax's--from Fred Locke Stereo in Avon CT in Feb 1972. They were huge Infinity dealers and were quite annoyed that I preferred the 2ax's over the Infinity 1001's.

Steve F.

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Whenever I would go to Fred Locke they would try to sell me Genesis speakers. They also had Avid and JBL.  As well as their FLS speakers!  They were big on Pioneer elcronics.

I was a Tech Hi-Fi person, myself.

And yes, I was born, raised and live in CT. I couldn't imagine living any where else! 

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