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Looking to buy klh model five and six woofers


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Hey Longplay

I was hoping someone else would jump in here. It's not a simple question for a few of reasons:

  1. The were TWO different Model Fives! One from 1958 and the more popular one from 1968-72. I'll assume you have the later one.
  2. There was only one Model Six but early ones had epoxied woofers while later woofers were removable. I'll assume you have the later ones.
  3. KLH tended to misrepresent the size of their woofers. The Models Five and Six had a "12 inch" woofer that actually measured a bit over 10". People have described this as a 10", 11" or 12".
  4. The Index of Classic KLH Products in our Library http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/library/klh/ contains many inaccuracies.

So what to do? I can tell you the Model Twelve had a 12" woofer but it is definitely wrong for the Five or Six. I "think" the Model Twenty-Three woofer was the same as the Six but I could be mistaken.  I'm not even sure if the Five and Six woofers are interchangeable but they may be. 

Sorry I can't be of more help. Andy was the real expert on KLH history but he hasn't been around here lately. Maybe some other member can help.


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The (late) Five, Twelve, and Twenty Three woofers are generally the same. I've seen
examples, though, with single and dual magnets and no way to predict application.

The Six and Thirty share the same woofer. More detailed KLH component listing here.

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11 hours ago, dxho said:

The (late) Five, Twelve, and Twenty Three woofers are generally the same.

Just a correction: I've restored several Fives and a Twelve and the woofers are NOT the same. The Twelve used dual magnets.

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More info in this thread

"Early Model Twelves had a dual magnet woofer and early model
Fives had a very large bolt together magnet structure. Shortly
thereafter the Model Twelve, Five and Twenty-Three all shared
the same drivers (same square magnet woofers, tweeters and
for 5 & 12 the same mid ranges)."

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