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Nice write-ups on KLH history for those who may not know. Wonder how the speakers are? Prices seem reasonable if there's any of the KLH magic in them.

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23 hours ago, npt3 said:

I think the most exciting news is that they’re going to build Model Nine electrostats again! 

Yeah--for $25K/pair. WHOA!!

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I have the Albany, and they are an excellent speaker to my ears.

Prob not as efficent as advertised, as my 12 WPC Pioneer SX-424 struggled with them.

Currently, I have them connected to the receiver I bought them for... a 20 WPC Rotel RX-202 MK II.

The Albany are a well-balanced speaker, if highly directional. Nice extended bass, full-enough mids, and clean highs. The bass is what surprised me the most, as I hadn't ever heard such a natural resonate bass before.

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