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19” Advent 2002 in oak case


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I could really use someone’s advice.

I inherited a pair of vintage Advent 2002 speakers from my father. They are large 19” in perfect working order. I am moving in a few days and have to sell them locally. I can’t find out any values on line or in forums for speakers that size.

i would greatly appreciate some idea of what to ask for these.



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Pictures would help identify your model, if it's not the Advent 2002 shown here. (Audiokarma link)

Never heard of 19" speakers, if you're talking about woofer (or other driver) size.

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12 hours ago, Reef said:

Totally at sea for the large 19” speakers. 

Hello, Reef......I'm assuming this dimension refers to the cabinet height. Recent ebay "sales" turns up this info with prices shown ranging from $60 to $180. You can never trust that the Buy It Now auctions actually resulted in sales, so I would suggest you use the auction showing 3 bids as an initial guide.


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