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AR7 refoam advice

norville rogers

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Hi Norville, and welcome to this forum. The AR-7 is a terrific small bookshelf speaker, and they are fairly easy to repair. There is no need to consider a rubber surround - - you should stay with foam as originally designed. Others may chime in, but I believe the two types of foam surrounds which are preferred by many members here are either the 8" Boston Acoustics (with filled fillet, which refers to profile) or the 8" Bose surround. Pics attached show re-foaming of original AR-7 woofers - - notable by flat dust cap, textured paper cone, and square magnet.

Many AR-7 owners state that the two-position switch does not provide obvious differences in tweeter output. I would mostly agree with this, but I think it depends on the music source material - - sometimes it is pleasantly noticeable when switched to the "Flat" position, reportedly offering a 2 or 3dB boost to the HF output.


woofer re-foam 1.jpg

woofer re-foam 2.jpg

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14 minutes ago, norville rogers said:

Probably the bose...

Good choice - -  these foams are not only more readily available, but also easier to install - - Bose version shown in pic above. And if you can, just for kicks, show us some pics. It seems that many Euro AR-7's are clad in beautiful teak veneer, and you also have that AR-7x version that is some sort of minor variant.  

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