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WTB: Speaker for Philco Model 38-15 Style 124 - The Chairside


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Hello to all,

Not a classic New England loudspeaker but here's hopin'!

I have taken on a project for a dear friend that takes care of me at ACE hardware - to try and get this old Philco up and playing again - it was her Grandfather's

I need the speaker, the complete unit with an audio output transformer

There are TWO different versions of speaker for this model (chassis) but they treat them differently depending on the cabinet choice

The one I need is broken down as follows:

List number #29, PART# 36-3014 cone and voice coil assembly - S19 speaker

List #32, PART #36-3987 referred to as the "S19" speaker field coil assembly, THEN

there is list# 28, PART#32-7019 OUTPUT transformer for S19

Here is the set's schematic:


Bottom line, I need the correct field coil/speaker assembly/output transformer for this radio but I can be plenty happy with close enough if it's a matter of just adding some resistance  

Philco 38-15 Code 124 Run 33

Measurements hole to hole DIAGONAL = 8" - Measured just hole to hole just straight across = 5 and 3/4"

Been told (but I have not verified) any of these could be made to work without reinventing the wheel 

84B, 60, 37-60, 37-61, 37-62, 37-610B, 37-610T, 37-620B, 37-2620B, 38-62, 38-9T, 38-10T, 38-60, 38-62

Would really be wonderful if someone has something that would work

Any help would be well received 

Thank you all


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