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Infinity Kappa 8's for sale


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I have a pair of Infinity Kappa 8 speakers.  The oak cabinets are in pretty good shape with only slight marks in the finish.  The rear facing EMIT tweeter is blown on one speaker.  Both polydome midranges are milky white; one of the drivers has cracked and a piece of the dome is missing.  The surrounds on both injection molded woofers were replaced about 10 years ago.  The grill covers are rough from a previous owners cat.  I purchased these as part of a project but quickly became frustrated at the difficulty in locating parts for these so they sat in my theater room all the while being used as part of a surround sound system.  Im not looking to score a big sale on these, Id basically just like to move these to someone who will use and appreciate them.  They are tall and heavy so shipping will be an issue if your not located in the Bay Are of California.  If there is interest, I will snap some pictures to let you know what your in for



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On 9/1/2019 at 11:38 PM, Gerald said:

Hello Michael are the kappa 8 still for sale?

They are indeed.  Since I posted originally a year ago, I have moved them to the Sacramento area.  They are in pretty much the same shape they were in prior to the move and they function with the exception of the blown EMIT tweeter.  The Polydomes still emit sound although not nearly as efficient as they once were.  Let me know if your interested and we can proceed from there.

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