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Please help! Need to identify, replace speaker cable.

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Hi there,

I am looking to replace the male end of this speaker cable. I have had both male and female ends tested and it appears that there is a short circuiting issue with the male end. It is an amp to speaker cable from an early 1960’s Astor Audiophinic Turntable/radio. 


I have contacted/visited a number of the classic electronics stores in my local area, however the one guy who had a male end of this cable could not identify the name of the cable and was reluctant to sell it to me because they don’t come round often. 

Please help!


Melbourne, Australia

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You should be able to repair that cable. The covering should pop off with gentle  prying with the cover off will give you access to the solder tabs on the inside. Four conductor audio cable is easy to come up with. 

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