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Replacement rubber surrounds


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The following may be know to many but here's what happened with my attempt to preserve my speaker surrounds. Unfortunately now they're ruined because of using a generic rubber treatment that contained silicone, it softened them up and the tightness has disappeared from them, I'm very upset that I made this mistake when my thinking was to make them last longer.  

I've come about the Idea to replace them with new OEM if they are obtainable? Or find a pair from non working drivers and fit to mine.  I hope that someone can offer me advice here and also this doesn't happen to somebody else with their Dynaco's.

I've listed an add in the wanted section.



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On 7/29/2018 at 5:48 AM, ReggaeBen said:

....the idea to replace them with new OEM if they are obtainable?

Hey Ben, it might be helpful to know which Dynaco speaker you are attempting to salvage, and maybe some dimensions on the surrounds you are seeking. New rubber surrounds are available (OEM?....not sure about that :blink:), and they may be even more common in the UK than the USA. Here's a few places to start. No experience here, just trying to help out. 




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Actually I did find some that came close in specs but that was a little while ago now, I'd need to search again..also the rubber surround 10" Seas - Bang & Olufsen used was very close if not to the same used for the A25. Thanks for the suggestions ra.ra, they're all good vendors. Yeah, OEM, I'm giggling now at that! These are for my second pair of 25's and I managed to find a pair of woofers, so that way I'll keep originality intact for the both sets. 

Cheers guys.



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