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EPi 100 woofers?


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Sounds like u have a woofer bottoming our on my EOI 100v. Does anyone know what woofer replacement to use? Even though only one is bad I suppose I should replace both...sorry if this had been discussed before, I could not locate the thread.



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SteveW: Are the foam surrounds intact? I would search for an original EPI 8" woofer from those Model 100's and either re-foam it if needed or buy one that has been refoamed.  They show up on ebay all the time for reasonable prices. Those woofers were matched well w/ the inverted dome tweet for a very nice sound.

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They do show up on ebay all the time, but they're from multiple series, and there's significant difference from each series. I tried buying one before, and the cones were locked up despite resistance on muti meter being fine. 

Human Speaker has a modern replacement, although it's a bit pricey.

If you want to use something off the shelf, you'll want something that tops out at 1800Hz, and need a measurement mic to check the levels, then try to make a simple crossover to either lower the woofer, or tweeter output till you have flat response.

Figure out what's wrong with your current woofer first. Sounds to me like the cones might've come detached from the spider. If so, you can carefully glue them back together using a bead of adhesive. I like to use 2 part epoxy, and apply with a toothpick.

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