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A few of the Classics ...


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Actually, I used to keep six pairs selectable by switch powered by the Adcom 555 II that I rebuilt along with the AR-SRC pre. That was capable of carrying all six sets but was fond of blowing speaker fuses when the volume went up; especially, if the impedance matching circuitry was not switched in. Obviously no consideration is given to placement here other than stackability.

That is an Adcom passive pre in the photo. The amps are a couple of Sonance 260's that I picked up for a project that failed to materialize. They are 60 wpc high-current amps that warm up nicely driving the 2,3, and 5's together, not that I would want to do that very often. The 3's have AR-58 mids and tweeters, so technically not Classic-era and the 2's are Heathkit versions that have not had any work done to them since they were built as far as I can tell other than my removing the grills to look at the drivers.

I'm sure these represent lots of entertainment over the years and more yet to come.



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8 hours ago, owlsplace said:

That is an Adcom passive pre in the photo.


I thought so.

The Adcom passive "preamp" was a tremendous value, especially prior to the re-birth of vinyl, when most everyone used only high-level sources and could get by without boosting the signal.

Back in the early '90s, I used one in an AR-9 biamp configuration with a pair of GFA-555II power amplifiers, and it was as clean as could be driven by one of the Sony "ES" series CD players. I've never heard a more pristine sound from the AR-9. I also owned a Line Drive passive preamp from Mod Squad, and it was a really well-built & attractive component - clearly more deluxe than the Adcom - but the little Adcom was indistinguishable from the Line Drive in that same system. 

I just checked eBay, and they've been selling for under $100 - I can't think of a better hi-fi bargain!

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On 7/27/2018 at 9:42 PM, GD70 said:

I like it!

Showed my wife the pic, "see?" I'm not that bad! Pfsch, "you have more than that!" 

Were all in the same boat!

Yeah, two more sets of 6's and a set of 5's here plus I had to abandon a set of 5 cabs that were in progress during my recent downsize -- brought the drivers though :) Oh, just remembered a set of 7's waiting for veneer and an upgrade to drivers from the 18 series.... The 7's in the photo are teak veneer from across the pond.

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