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Removing mid-range AR3


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I have found the easiest and safest way to removed mids from my 10Pi is to remove the woofer and reach in and gently push up on the magnet. I also use this method when installing the mid. One reason that's it's hard to get the mid driver in and out is that the wire terminals have notches bored in the recessed area where the screws holes are located. There is very little 'play' to maneuver them past/through those notches. No room for error.

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I had to use a piece of wood in the cabinet as a lever with another piece vertically wedged between the wood and the mid magnet. Lift the  wood lever which pushes the vertice piece against the magnet and it lifted right out. There will be some wood splinters stuck to the mid. After I cleaned all the old putty away, I layer a thin layer of epoxy to firm up the baffle surface before reinstalling the mid. 

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