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AR-92 3.2 ohm amp


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Hello everyone,


I bought a pair of AR-92 on ebay, all refoamed and caps checked and changed if needed by an italian professionnal. I know it's not 100% sure of quality but the speakers looks in good shape and I can't wait to get my hands over them, I readed a lot about acoustic research by speakers in France, they hardly come back that easily or in a decent shape. So when I saw it, I kinda wanted to try it, it's not ar-9, I know but it's way more possible to handle when you change of places and also of course, less costly to buy. 

That's how I discovered this forum full of passionate people and started reading, learning from the philosophy of the makers and of the brand, it's just sad hifi isn't taught that much at school, I remember my highschool time where making solders and all that stuff to make a circuit was considered as a garage way (yes, it was a posh one) .

So, I have an amplifier I love very much, it's a jvc ax-1100 tweaked with banana binding post and some zavfino prima wire. It's rated to 6 ohm max but in the manual, they tested it up to 1 ohm, it was delivering 350ohms and around 400 at 2ohms. It's a 2x120w at 8ohms normally. To test its full work, they described a procedure of trying it at 4ohms and ajusting sine waves. The only thing I am affraid, it's that the manual says it goes into safe mode under 4 ohms and ar-92 are rated at 3.2ohms minimal. The results were on a graphic curve on the manual.

Normally, a protection circuit works if I over run the circuit, but I never needed my amp to go further than 35% of the volume, especially with now a furutech fuse inside. I don't wanna ruin either the amplifier, nor the speakers, it's just art when a science is mastered so I prefer to ask before because things can go bad real fast. The amp is protected by an inverter online mode (so high end) and a gigawatt power strip also for stable 220v/50hz. My current speakers are tannoy jupiter S , so it's 92 db, and I'll need more power to feed the AR, will it be possible?

I called JVC and they told me they could still repair it in their specialized centers if needed and could order spare parts, kinda happy that their beasts are still used by people, they told me 4ohm would do it without even an issue, just lil less of "musicality" maybe and the 3.2 were maybe possible but not entirely sure. That's why I prefer to ask also for more opinions. I have seen results of poor nice speakers broken by abuse, same for amps, and I don't wanna do it either, even if it's kinda what I am doing right now. They kinda told me those amps of that era when made to some standards were built to be undying, same for others brands I presume.

Thanks in advance, regards!

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Welcome Shinden

I looked at the JVC manual and it appears that if the impedance drops too low the amp will go into protected mode. The light will flash and it may shut down. If you do decide to try, run only ONE pair of speakers.

Assuming the people you spoke to at JVC are knowledgable technicians and not just service reps it would seem you "could" run the ARs if you don't over-tax them but they won't really "sing". Why take that chance? Buying a new, inexpensive amp that can comfortably drive low impedance loads, such as a Crown, will do MUCH more for your listening pleasure and equipment well-being than will over-priced esoteric wires (sorry for the dig but IMHO expensive wires do nothing but lighten your wallet). https://www.crownaudio.com/en/product_families/xls-drivecore-2-series

I agree with David, although from reading the manual it seems unlikely there would be any smoke, just degraded sound. 4 ohm AR speakers like a lot of clean power. 



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The JVC AX-1100 was the top JVC Digifine integrated amp when released.  A 44 pound amp, that's still sought after.  Class A up to 20 watts.  I'd definitely give it a shot.  Start out low, and work up to a normal volume.  Play for at least 30 minutes, at that level, and then check the amp to see if it's too warm.  If OK, the JVC should work well.

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