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AR-5 crossover


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As suggested, starting a new thread.

As some already know, I acquired a pair of AR-5 cabinets and have been attempting to get the proper drivers. I have a pair woofers from Pete B. and am getting tweeters from RoyC.

I finally decided to take the cabinets off the shelf to see what I had inside. After removing what looked like pale yellow cotton candy this is what I found-


iphone 231.JPG

iphone 237.JPG

iphone 229.JPG

iphone 236.JPG

iphone 239.JPG

iphone 240.JPG


Apparently, someone got creative with the crossovers. Looks like he tried to bypass the frequency level controls. One set of caps had come loose, hence my being able to photo them in hand.

It's never easy. Sigh.

Any thoughts, opinions, or queries? All are needed and welcomed.

To those that have already commented, thank you

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I'd completely recap them if they were mine since if a midrange or tweeter cap becomes leaky 

it could blow your expensive mids and/or tweeters.  Save the Spragues since they seem

to age well and someone might have a use for them.

Obviously you'll want to clean and/or replace the pots and put the crossover back to spec.

There are probably enough pics and schematics on here to easily do it.

You can search at Google for AR-5 then look under images to find pictures that might help:



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Opinion? Well, I happen to have a great fondness for this model. Currently have three sets, two rehabbed and one in the queue.  My own personal opinion/approach is almost always keeping the speakers oem. I have waited months (even years) for something I am looking for to surface but the group here is also a wonderful resource for knowledge and parts. Remember it is my opinion, not saying other approaches are wrong.

Keep an eye out on local craigslist and if yard sale-ing I always ask if they have any old audio equipment, you never know what might be there. Same goes for old vinyl btw. The bay often has offerings for AR5 but I will not have anything shipped and will only work with sellers who I can drive to or meet somewhere so I can inspect the goods. There have been a couple exceptions to this stance, but I can smell a scam or a person I would like to work with pretty early on in a conversation.

Final thought...for now.  AR5 speakers are incredible when rehabbed properly and are worth the investment in both time and money (within reason). I am a believer that cost and value are two entirely different things.

As for the caps in your hand, some will say they are keepers and not to replace. This is where oem has a bit of flexibility for me, and generally I will replace with high quality caps, again within reason.

above copied from previous thread.

As for the caps question, I personally use Solens as a rule but there are no absolutes in this topic.

Do you know your way around a schematic? How about a soldering iron? I always take many pictures before snipping/removing anything, but in your case you certainly don't want to put it back together like it was.

Here is a link to my thread of an AR5 rehab from a few years ago. Much great info from others and may be a worthwhile read.

I notice some crud/corrosion/rust on the stem and nut showing at the T terminal. These are relatively easy to remove and with a Dremel (or other) tool and a soft wire brush can and should be cleaned up. Just part of the process.

will enjoy watching your progress, prosit!


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Thank you, stupidhead. (An endearment from your wife, maybe?)

I can read schematics well enough; speaker crossovers are as simple as it gets. I solder better than many, not as well as others. So I got that going for me. And as long as Solens retain the original voice of the AR-5 they are an option.

I appreciate the keeping it as original as possible; I have original AR woofers, AR tweeters configgered to match the AR-5, and I don't know if there's an alternative to AR-5 mids so I'm still on the hunt for them.

And I'm sorry there are no absolutes; how much easier would this be if there were!

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